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Create learning games
in only two minutes.

With our game creation tool, it only takes 2 minutes to turn any topic into an interactive game.

Anyone can do it. It’s as simple as filling in a form!

Games for everything you teach

We have a huge library with zillions of learning games where our users are constantly sharing new quizzes, covering just about any topic.

Measure perfomance
in real time.

Track your students’ evolution through our class dashboard and assign learning games to reinforce topics.

Use gamification tools to engage your students

The platform includes gamification tools like rankings, badges and challenges to increase stickiness, so students can improve their performance.

Double approach:

We mix co-creation and gamification dynamics to make learning a much more efficient and compelling experience.

Learning by creating:

Ability to summarise.

Analytical skills.




Learning by playing:


Positive reinforcement.

Playful learning.

High concentration.

Quick mind.

A win-win for teachers and students

Advantages for teachers:

A time saving tool to transform any content into a minigame.

Access to hundreds of learning games from KS1 to GCSE.

Real time reports.

Self-corrected activities.

Advantages for students:

Active learning: from passive consumers to active producers.

Student centric: the student takes ownership of its own learning process.

Multi-device: Students can play and learn anytime and anywhere.

Better results: it’s more fun, more engaging and therefore more efficient.

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